Pillsbury Lake named after Gen. Pillsbury

Pillsbury Pond in the Bashan section of Webster is named for Moody A. Pillsbury who settled there around 1815, where he lived throughout his life giving more attention to his saw mill than farming. He became an officer in the Militia and rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the 21st Regiment.

General Pillsbury married first, Abigail Dix, sister of General John A. Dix, and after her death, Louisa Dix – another sister.  He had four sons, three of whom lived to maturity, only one remaining in Webster on Corser Hill.

Bashan, the southeast section of Webster – up to 1860 Webster was West Boscawen – was so-called by Enoch Little for its biblical counterpart east of the River Jordan known for its dense forests of red and white oaks.

(from the Webster Historical Society archives.)

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