Horse Shed

Behind the Old Meeting House is an open-sided reproduction of a typical horse shed of the type often associated with meeting houses. This was built in 1972 and extended in 1979.

Standing behind (to the east of) the meeting house, the horse shed is one hundred feet in length. It is built of modern materials in a form that suggests the sheds that stood behind the meeting house in its original location. The building consists oi ten ten-foot bays; the southern seven bays were, constructed in 1972 and the northern three bays in 1979. The building has a braced frame of heavy sawn timbers, clad in wide vertical pine boards. The roof frame consists of rafters of two-inch stock, placed twenty-four inches on centers. The structure is sixteen feet in depth and has a wood-shingled gable roof. The three northernmost ten-foot bays are enclosed to accommodate a fire truck given for display purposes to the Society for the Preservation of the Old Meeting House. The middle five sections are un-floored and have open fronts (west elevations) to suggest traditional horse sheds. These bays presently house a display of various pieces of horse-drawn equipment. The two southernmost bays are enclosed to form a secure storage shed.

Two of the pictures in the Photo Gallery clearly show the original horse shed.