Couch Photography

C.M. Couch is the name on the back of these stereoscopic photographs.  He apparently lived and worked in Concord, NH 1860-1885, and maybe longer.

Thanks go to Jeff Evans (1532 Battle St) who found these prints on the New York Public Library website.  From Jeff:  There are two pictures identified as J Lang Couch’s residence that were taken at different times and two pictures of Joseph and his wife Abigail taken behind the house with a bushel of apples from their orchard. The back of some photos identify CM Couch as a landscape photograph 1860/1885. Joseph died in 1887. I assume the pictures are around 1880-1885.

There is a picture of Battle Street looking toward Corser taken from my driveway and another taken from the intersection of Long Street and Battle Street looking north. There is a picture identified as Elira Couch and Sons. It is actually Eliza Couch (Joseph Lang’s sister) who married a cousin Samuel L. Couch. Samuel and Eliza lived just across the Salisbury line near Brookside Drive. Their house is no longer standing. Eliza’s initials are painted over the doorway inside a closet of the room that was hers. Probate records show the room was deeded to her when her father died in 1832. I found Eliza’s name written in pencil on the mantel when I was stripping the paint.